iCare is about just that: caring.

We understand that buying a new property can be both an exciting and intimidating process. For first time buyers, our biggest concern is ensuring that you are heard and that all your questions are answered. You will hopefully be surprised to find that you really can do this.

Have credit questions? We have answers

Maybe you aren’t sure of what your credit score is, or even what a credit score is. Your credit score is a measure of your credit history, used to determine your interest rates. We can not only provide that information, but we can also offer advice on the subject.

In Canada, there are generally two ways of getting a mortgage, either through a bank or through a licensed mortgage professional. Through iCare Mortgages, powered by Dominion Lending Centres, we can offer you a personalized experience based on your individual needs. We may also be able to save you thousands of dollars.

With the right information, you can see yourself buying in as little as six months.

We work for you not the banks

The personal type of guidance that most people require to get them approved for their first mortgage is something that banks are not always able to provide. iCare can help you with this process from start to finish.

We can also help you with your mortgage stress test. This is required by the Canadian federal government in order to determine that you will be able to pay an additional 2% on your initial mortgage costs. By gathering income documents and financial statements, we can help with this process.

We take the hassle out of this experience, negotiating with lenders on your behalf. With partnerships with more than 100 lending agencies, we can find you the best deal.

Expert advice is just a phone call away

Want to experience the iCare Service Advantage yourself? Let our mortgage specialists help you with a complimentary review of your insurance needs by contacting us at Info@iCareinsurance.ca or by calling us at 604-628-5177.



Many first-time homebuyers are surprised by how much they can afford to finance in today’s low-interest-rate environment, often making it more affordable to own vs rent an apartment or small home on a monthly basis.


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