Reverse mortgages are an innovative solution designed to help the thousands of seniors and middle-aged homeowners who are challenged by monthly cashflow obligations stay in their family home.

For many, a reverse mortgage can be the difference between having to sell their long-term residence and being able to stay in that home for the rest of their life and can be a great way for people 55 years or older, to access homeowner equity to remain independent and in their preferred home.

Whether the funds used go towards renovations, helping a family member with their education, handle unexpected expenses, improving standard of living or making that special trip, reverse mortgages offer a safe, secure way to access extra finances.


To qualify for a reverse mortgage, the property must be your primary residence and

you must be:

  • A homeowner
  • At least 55 years of age

If you and your spouse are both listed on the title for your property, you must also both be listed on the reverse mortgage application and both be above 55 years of age.

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There are sometimes costs associated with a reverse mortgage known as a “prepayment penalty” that you can avoid by not paying off your reverse mortgage before it is due.


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