Ways To Save

Ways to Save on Your Insurance


At iCare Insurance, we work for you, the customer (not the insurance companies) to save you money on all of your insurance needs. For all new clients, we review your current policies and recommend and tailor new policies to your specific needs and situation.

Review and Advise

We often find our new clients are eligible or entitled to more discounts on their existing insurance policies. All too often we find that other insurance agencies just renew policies annually without care or attention. But at iCare Insurance, we are happy to review all home, auto and commercial insurance policies to ensure you have the right coverages at the best price.

For example, a recent auto insurance client asked us to review her condo insurance policy. We found that she had been over-insured by at least $100,000 and was paying double in premiums for many years. We redid her policy and saved her over $500 annually.

We put our client’s best interest before the commission we earn on every insurance policy we offer. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all agencies.

Homeowners, Condo, and Tenant Insurance

Home insurance companies are more competitive than others depending on where you live and what your current living situation is. We’ll shop the market for you to ensure you are getting the best value and the right coverage for your home insurance needs.

Bundling home and rental insurance policies can save you up to 50% on your premium if insured with the same company. Ask us for more details as we review your policy to ensure you are receiving all your eligible discounts.

Did you know that our mature market discounts start at age 50, and if you have parents or grandparents living with you, you may be entitled to a seniors’ discount on your home insurance policy? That could significantly reduce your premiums.

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Commercial Insurance

Sometimes, however, paying more saves you money. Simply put, if an insurance policy doesn’t cover a potential loss to save a few hundred dollars, it makes no sense when the potential for loss can be in the thousands, or worse, millions of dollars.

At iCare, we’ll review your business insurance needs and exposures and recommend the right coverage to protect your business against a potential claim or loss. But there are definitely ways to save money on your business insurance policy, including:

  • Insuring your commercial building with earthquake coverage based on its replacement value
  • Having the right amount of business interruption coverage in the event of a claim to your inventory, equipment, or business
  • Protecting you and your business against a liability claim and legal action from potential clients

Just like you, your business is unique, and that’s why we look at businesses individually in order to tailor coverage to your company’s specific business model and activities.

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Auto Insurance

Whether insuring through ICBC or a private Insurance company, we can save you money by double-checking your discounts and making sure you have the correct coverage for your driving needs.

Almost daily we save clients money on their auto insurance premiums, simply by reviewing their coverages and discounts. If you have a 40% discount or less, are new to BC or are a new driver, you may be eligible for an extra 5% discount by renewing your policy at the right time of year. Just call us with your insurance information and we give you the full details.

For most BC Motorists, ICBC is the best and only option for auto insurance coverage. However, for some clients, private auto insurance is not only the right solution, but it can save hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance premiums each year.

Our auto insurance experts can review your policy and give you a comparison quote to see which coverage and plan is best for you.

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