About Us

At iCare, we place a lot of value on simple but important things: like listening. To our customers, to our staff, to the insurance companies we partner with to provide your coverage. Day or night, it’s what we’ve done for our loyal clients, and their families, for generations dating back to the 1970s.

We find that, when combined with our questions honed over years of insurance industry experience, it gives us the best understanding into what matters most to you. It’s one of the many small ways we take care of our customers, offering them personalized, individual insurance solutions, one at a time.

As an independent insurance broker, we’re able to work directly for our clients, advising them about the product that best fits their needs, unlike banks and some of the largest insurance companies.

Our team

Meet our team of certified insurance professionals who are proud to be known as customer service overachievers.

In the community

 Our central location and proximity to major routes make it handy for us to support our customers wherever they live and work.


Find out more about the advantages and opportunities that go along with being a member of the iCare Insurance team.


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