Family memories need protection in your seasonal home

Like your day-to-day residence, your seasonal home is an important part of your family’s life. Years of family memories and history often revolve around your “home away from home” which means it holds an important place in the hearts of your family and friends.

But unlike your regular residence, your seasonal home can sometimes be left unoccupied for long periods of time during the year. The amount you use this home, and a number of other factors – like the distance to the nearest fire hydrant (or fire department) – will affect the coverage you need.

Getting coverage: separate or together?

With significant increases in construction, reconstruction and building material costs, it’s vital to make sure your home and its contents are fully covered in case of a fire or other significant claim. We work with all our clients to evaluate your situation, explaining the differences between new construction costs, rebuilding costs and market value to make sure your home is insured to what you need to be able to replace it.

Coverage for vacation homes is unique. In some cases, policies must be tied to your homeowners’ policy. In others, we’re able to provide you a stand-alone policy that covers only your vacation home.

Which is why, as an independent broker, we’ll explain the differences and benefits of each option:

  • Stand-alone Seasonal property insurance
  • Secondary location insurance

Expert advice is just a phone call away

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Make sure you take seasonal and weather considerations into account every time you leave your seasonal property: Don’t leave a lot of valuables in the home, make sure it’s secured when you leave and winterize it from late fall until early spring.


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