While many small businesses start small and grow along the way, it’s important for the long-term health of your company that you have the right protection for your company at every point along the way.

Risk management pays off

It’s why we recommend you talk to one of our experienced business and commercial insurance experts to help you identify, evaluate and manage the risks that come with running a small business. Only by knowing and planning for these risks can you have the peace of mind you’ll need to concentrate on what it is you do well: run your business!

Securing the right coverage is key to your success

With small businesses, every company and their operations are different. Which means their assets and the protections they require, will be unique as well.
Some of the factors you’ll need to know more about to ensure you’ve got the right coverages include:

  • Company assets – we recommend reviewing your company, stock, equipment, and contents of every description at least twice per year and before renewal. Do you have adequate replacement coverage for all company-owned assets?
  • Inventory – is your inventory fluctuating throughout the year? What about coverage for peak season periods?
  • Size & type of operation – whether you’re running anything from a restaurant to a retirement home (or something in between), the nature of your operations play a role in what needs to be insured.
  • Location – is the business run out of your residence or a stand-alone location? If it’s a home-based business, most homeowner policies will not cover business assets. If it’s a retail location, you’ll need a business insurance policy. Having a proper business insurance policy will help you in the event of a claim where you need to move to a new location quickly and continue your business?

Expert advice is just a phone call away

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Risk management and prevention is a better solution to avoid claims and save money than using your insurance policy.


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