Strong ties to the community

Located in the heart of the Lower Mainland, iCare Insurance is ideally positioned to serve customers from the North Shore to the Fraser Valley.

The foundations of iCare Insurance date back to the 1970s when Tony Siracusa opened his insurance brokerage after a successful career in the restaurant business.

Known for exemplary customer service, Tony treated his clients like family and built his new insurance company on trust, honesty, integrity, hard work, and excellent service. Tony and Maria were thrilled when son Tom began his insurance career in 1995, working with his father until he passed away in 2007.

Tom and Karen rebranded and restructured the company to form iCare Insurance in 2011, where they’re proud to serve the insurance needs of many of the same clients and families for close to 50 years now.

Centrally located in the Lower Mainland

Our team covers a wide range of territory delivering great service – and often insurance documents too – to clients from Horseshoe Bay to Langley. It’s this flexibility and customer-first approach that has resonated with families that we’ve been serving for generations now and has them continuing to work with us even after they may have moved several times.

A helping hand during the claims process

Another benefit to our location in the community is our ability to help you through the claims process. We know filing a claim can be a trying time, which is why our central location and easy claims-support process is so important. If you do happen to have a claim, we promise to:

Step #1:
Take care of you

After explaining the claims-handling process to you, we’ll gather the facts surrounding your claim and will help you complete any required documentation.

Step #2:
Work for you

After notifying the insurer holding your policy, we’ll work with them to locate an adjuster who will take your statement and ask for a list of damaged or stolen property. For more serious claims – such as fire or severe wind or water damage – we’ll contact a restoration company to attend to the damage ASAP.

Step #3:
Get things right for you

We’ll work with the insurance adjuster to get estimates for replacing or repairing items that were damaged or stolen. There are several ways settlements can be made: the adjuster can issue payments directly to you, (less your applicable deductible), or sometimes it is more convenient for them to pay the supplier directly. They will work with you to make it as easy as possible.


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