Protect the project site you’re working on from loss and damage.

As a builder, you’re likely aware of the need for commercial general liability but you may not be aware of another type of important coverage – builders risk insurance. In order to protect the project site you’re working on from loss and damage, you need a policy that covers the building(s) you’re in the process of completing or renovating as well as any materials, equipment and property that are associated with the building under construction.

Managing risk helps builders focus on their strengths

Designed to protect construction sites from loss and damage, builders risk insurance is typically provided for:

  • New construction – from one structure to a multiple-building project, we’re able to work with a number of providers to provide you with either a location-specific policy or a blanket policy for your ground-up new construction.
  • Renovations – whether it’s a simple remodeling or a significant renovation, we can advise you on the types of risks you’ll need to plan for.
  • Installation – ensuring the equipment or materials being installed in a new or renovated structure is covered for damages or loss.

A solid builders risk policies will typical cover:

  • Vandalism or theft from the project site
  • Damage to the site from a flood, windstorm, earthquake, etc.
  • Construction materials
  • Fencing and other temporary structures such as scaffolding
  • Landscaping

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Having your residential or commercial property insured for the correct replacement value is as important as the project being performed.


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